Fortnightly Sale of Calves beginning from Monday 22nd June, 2020. Entry form available below :-

Caron and Dragon Flocks

Sale of 55 Texel, Beltex and Blue Texel Rams at Llanybydder Mart

Friday 7th August, 2020 at 7pm

1st Annual Sale of Dorset Sheep

Sale to be held at Llanybydder Mart on Saturday 22nd August, 2020. Entry form can be found on the link below

Sale of Texel Rams

Wednesday 23rd September at 5pm – Entries by Wednesday 9th September

Forthcoming Auctions

Monthly Sale of Store Cattle, Weaned Calves, Breeding Bulls and Barren Cows at 10:30am.

Auction Date: 8th August, 2020

Previous Auctions

Head over to our ‘news’ section to see our previous auctions.